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Due to our moving to a new location, we have a delay in shipping.
We apologize for the inconvenience. We're looking forward to having more space to grow and make shipping quicker than ever.
Thank you so much for your understanding. We take shipping times very seriously and it has taken precedence over our work day until we are caught up.

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Baked apples*
Seafood dip*
Onion ring sauce*
Japanese sauce*
Bacon wrapped chicken*
Creamy chicken*
Baked Ziti*
Black bean soup*
Beef stew*
White chili*
Corn chowder*
Hungarian goulash*
Cranberry sauce*
Vegetable Beef soup*

To find each, do a search at the top of this page to find them easily.

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As a food manufacturer, we do not make refunds or returns for food safety compliancy.